Monday, June 21, 2010

Buy one get one free

I want to talk about these deal "buy one get one free"
it doesn't matter if this is for a windows or carpet or anything else
in 99% of the time there is a catch and if you don't read the fine print
they will get you. Lets talk about carpet the big company buy it for
let say $0.40 sq.f. and they sell it to you for $1.45sq.f. and when there is a sale
they will charge you for things that are normally included in the price like
old carpet removal, new pad upgrade, garbage haul away.
So at the end you may save a few cents per sq.f. but you still
will pay more than if you buy your carpet from a smaller company

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What to do if you need a contractor and you don't know anyone

What to do if you need a contractor. The first thing is to ask a friend or relative, go online or search the books. The bigger the job is the more estimates you will need. Lets say you want to remodel your bathroom depending on the size you can see big difference in the quotes you need minimum 3.
Ask questions about insurance, years in business, specialty you don't want a roofing contractor to remodel your bathroom. Even if your friend recommends his 'guy' check out a few other contractors to see there prices. When you find one that you like ask for discounts and bigger company doesn't mean they can give you better price nor that they have better workers.
At the end the most important question to ask I believe is "Why do you do this , why do you work as a painter or bathroom remodeler ?'
The best thing that can happen is when you find someone that likes his job and loves to build and create and it doesn't work just to pay his bills.